In April 2010, I published my memoir:

A true story that centers around a young girl’s account for acceptance and a woman’s search for spiritual truth. Readers will be swept away on Chase’s memorable journey, challenging one to stop reading. Haunting, yet filled with a witty style and a unique recognition for readers that despite the pain we endure and sometimes may even cause, we will survive.

Reviews for By The Way:

What an amazing writer! I find myself thinking about this book a lot. You paint the picture well…I can see some of the scenes in my mind like it’s a forgotten memory of a movie. Very good writing! ~Pamela Bearden

By The Way A Memoir of Religion, Abuse, and Redemption by Jaime Kay Chase captures the reader into a life filled with pain, injustice, and abuse. The constant roller coaster of events and witty sense of humor of the author makes the book hard to put down. Most of all this book teaches that pain can be healed, injustice overcome, and triumph can be achieved by the power of the atonement. This book shows there is sunshine beyond the clouds and that anyone can change. Truly an admirable act of the author to share her moving story. A must read for sure. ~Marcella Smith

This story has blown the door wide open to my soul. I certainly had a lot to think about, after reading By The Way A Memoir of Religion, Abuse, and Redemption by Jaime Kay Chase. This book gives the reader another view on forgiving oneself for past mistakes, and forgiving others. I really enjoyed this book and I will read it again and again for inspiration, hope and faith. I definitely recommend it to everyone I know, because it takes you on an awe inspiring ride through the eyes of a woman in turmoil; and for sure will keep you turning the pages to see what will happen next. I have always wanted to write a book about my adventures, tragedies and triumphs, and since I am not as talented as Jaime Kay Chase, it was very freeing to know that that knowledge is out there for anyone brave enough to venture into deep emotional waters. ~Carmen Shearer

I was moved to tears so many times! Following the writer’s search for faith and feeling her passion was truly an amazing experience.

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A Memoir of an Alcoholic Bipolar Mormon Convert and Other HIGHlarious Tales