Follow-Up to Post Straight Judgment

In regards to post Straight Judgment, I have received phone calls from a couple of women who were in Relief Society on Sunday. After I left, a lot of the points I brought up in my post were also spoken. The main consensus was we all are struggling with SOMETHING and we are all without sin. As Christians, we are to be loving and judge not. Only God is the final judge and what we know is God is a loving and just god.

In my post, I wrote I too was being judgmental and was very irritated with myself for feeling that way. I also was having a difficult time finding the correct words to express my feelings regarding the subject.

What is important for readers to know is I believe the LDS Church is true and I have a very strong testimony in regards to this. This does not mean I’m perfect and have all the answers, because if you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know this is not true. This blog is not intended to argue or debate the teachings of the Church, but to chronicle my journey as a convert who is dealing with a variety of issues-as many people in any religion or faith are. This is my blog and my thoughts, opinions and perspectives.

What I’ve come to appreciate from my own experiences and trials, along with stories shared by readers and friends, is this: heterosexuals also face far greater challenges to live the gospel. Does this mean homosexuals who sacrifice to live the gospel as they understand it are being slighted? I don’t know. What I do know is we can’t possibly know one’s conscience as God knows it. An individual’s relationship with a person’s God is theirs and theirs alone. Selflessness is required of everyone and we should all follow the commandment of “Love One Another” as Christ has loved us. Gay or Straight.


Jesus: A Mormon’s BFF

It always strikes me as odd that there is this misconception out there regarding the beliefs that Mormons do not believe in Jesus Christ. People actually think Joseph Smith is our Savior! And if we really want to enter Heaven, then we must look like this:

The ‘official’ name for the church is: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Not Joseph Smith’s Posse.

Yes, Mormons believe Jesus Christ is God’s Son. We are Christians and believe Jesus is our Savior. We do not replace the Bible with The Book of Mormon. It is also not a prerequisite for women to know how to sew, cook, sing and wear hot pink. If it were, I could not be a member of the Church. (I actually like to sing. However, people prefer that I didn’t.)

Mormons do not believe that only Mormons go to Heaven. There is no “If you’re not Mormon, you’re screwed!” doctrine. I find comfort with that and to be honest, I don’t think I could be a member of this church if that was a doctrinal belief. (Not that the slang term ‘screwed’ would be used to explain doctrine in any official church pamphlet. Felt the need to point that out.)

I’m not writing this to sway anyone to embrace Mormonism. It is an explanation…if you happened to have been curious. As this blog grows with more entries, you’ll be able to pick and choose from the categories. There will be a lot…because, well, I have a lot to say.