The Liberal Feminist Converted Mormon Chick with the Southern Accent

“What kind of Mormon are you?”

This question presented to me by a friend surprised me for a few minutes, because even though logically I knew I wasn’t (and will probably never be) a typical Mormon, it was a question that gave me pause. Isn’t Mormon in itself descriptive enough?

No. It actually isn’t.

I’m not your typical Mormon. Not by a long shot. This could be explained by the more conservative Mormons that I am a convert, so you know how those pesky converts are! Always trying to reinvent the wheel! But long before my conversion, I knew in my heart certain doctrine was true…I just didn’t have any idea it was beliefs held by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I speak the language of the LDS Church. It is-despite the cheesiness of the cliché- feels like home.

I’m liberal. I accept gays and feminists. (I am a feminist.) I’m married to an atheist. I’m not a fan of Republicans and I will tell you I will not be voting for Mitt Romney. Ever.

I live in a small area of Anchorage which is mostly conservative and my ward is definitely filled with deeply conservative Mormons. However, I have to say my ward is very diverse and filled with the most loving of Christians I have ever met.

Being Christ-like is about being compassionate even towards things we do not understand. Each of us has a history-a specific history with responsibilities to live a morally good life.


Does this make me less “Christian” than my more conservative Mormon peers? I do not believe so, nor do I believe either side is wrong. The great thing about being a Mormon is the belief in free agency and the knowledge that every single one of us on this planet is unique.

I do not have all the answers and I’m still asking a lot of questions. I fail more often than I succeed in my spiritual journey and I am in no way the poster child for any Christian sect.

I’m simply…me. Someone who believes strongly in God and Jesus Christ. I know the Bible AND The Book of Mormon is true. I may have doubts here and  there about certain doctrine, but it doesn’t shake my faith in the overall teachings of the Church. I doubt it ever will.

Faith… is amazing.




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