Take 5 Friday Quick Notes (4)


Today, I received an email from Blogher and I must tell you…my heart skipped a beat. On October 21st in New York there will be a Writer’s Conference presented by Penguin Group USA.

And…Um…I want to go!

Last weekend, I spent two days at the Alaska Writers Guild Conference and I have been opening up to the idea of attending more writing conferences. Frugally speaking, it probably isn’t worth my flying to New York for a one day conference…however, I’m researching other conferences occurring on the East Coast  during that time. PLUS, I have family all over the East Coast.

You thinking what I’m thinking?

ROAD TRIP! (Well, once I get to the East Coast that is.)

I’ll keep you posted!


A couple of days ago I received an email in regards to a website which sells hip/stylish modest clothing. Kosher Casual is your best choice to find quality clothes that are stylish, affordable and modest! From their website:

Kosher Casual takes modest clothing basics with a modern twist. The modest skirts are based on the current fashion styles with a reinterpretation with the modest clothing wearer in mind. Our skirts are all knee-length or long skirts. We offer modest shirts and layering tops in all the definitions – ¾ sleeve tops, long sleeve shirts, elbow length sleeves. We also have a great range of modest accessories to cover your cleavage or cover your elbows in both style and comfort.

I have been offered a chance to review an item of clothing.Take some time to go to their site to look and stay tuned for the item I choose to review!


Week 4…and still no players! I still haven’t had the time to read all my favorite blogs and check out the new ones some of you have been so generous to send me. With that said, I’m not discouraged about not having players in this carnival. I actually like being able to come here on Fridays and give you five quick notes on anything I want. It’s not the most inspiring or creative of blog posts…but I enjoy writing them and based on some of your emails…you actually enjoy reading them.


I’m attempting to get back to doing YOGA which is scary because I’m as flexible as a brick.


Here are some fun websites and blogs for you to check out this weekend:

Below is a linky list if you’d like to add a link to your own Take 5 Friday Quick Notes.

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