Tips to Begin Your Day in a Positive Light

Having to deal with insomnia when your workday begins at 4:45am should be non-existent. There should be something to prevent this from ever happening. I went to bed at a decent hour, but could not fall asleep. I found myself wandering through the house, flipping through books, the television, going back to bed trying those silly sleep exercises like counting sheep and saying the alphabet backwards…but for whatever reason…sleep wouldn’t come.

Well, I finally succumbed to sleep around 4am. And my alarm promptly went off at 4:45am.

Needless to say, I found myself in one of my moods this morning, shuffling through the house in my PJ’s and even driving my daughter to seminary in them. I thought of all the million and one ways in which my life could be better and systematically pondered on all the negative things going on in my world. Somehow in the midst of this thinking, I had decided that today was going to be a pretty terrible day and went ahead and counted all the ruminations that would undoubtedly make it so.

Without realizing it I had confessed in confidence that I would have a terrible day. Did I want a terrible day? No, of course not. But in my negative mood I didn’t seek happiness or even want it. I was miserable and couldn’t see pass my misery.

I’m a charmer in that way.

Years ago, I had printed out a list of things for my family and I to do individually to prepare for a good day. I haven’t been following the tips because in my need to be an ultra control freak, I guess I had decided I didn’t need it.

I’m cute like that.

I figured this morning would be as good as any to put these tips into practice and also use it for today’s post:


  1. Give a prayer of thanks. Make time this morning to give thanks to your Heavenly Father for all the blessings in your life.
  2. Ask Heavenly Father to give you wisdom and protection as you go throughout your day.
  3. Take a few minutes for some scripture reading. Write down a verse and keep it on you today.
  4. Did you make a To-Do List? Look over your list and make a plan for the day to accomplish your tasks.
  5. Pamper yourself this morning. No matter what the day holds, make yourself beautiful. Feeling good about yourself makes you shine with confidence and you will undoubtedly help others you come in contact with shine.
  6. Make sure to tell your loved ones you love them.
  7. Make someone’s day today by doing something for them. An act of service is a blessing for both parties!
  8. Remember to laugh today.
There you are…eight little tips on how to start your day off right. If you need me I’ll be napping in a corner somewhere…
Do you have tips of your own to start your day off in a positive light? Please share in the comment section below!




8 thoughts on “Tips to Begin Your Day in a Positive Light

  1. I start my day off right by taking a nap! On those nights when I cannot sleep, but still have to get up to make breakfast and lunch for my son, and then drive him to school, I return home to take a short 1-2 hour nap then start the day all over again.

      • Actually sometimes I get up and walk with my early bird friends and then make lunches send the kids out the door and find a comfortable spot on the couch and snooze.
        I don’t go walking for exercise as much as for conversation! I don’t debate getting up if I know I will have a chance to catch up on sleep afterwords.

  2. awesome post and I use some of those tips myself. In my kitchen, i have a chalk board upon which a permanent message rests. i get up, pour my coffee and turn around and am reminded to *Get Your Grin On!”

    Yep I am not naturally chipper……I need to write myself a note. : )

  3. Great tips! Even if you feel like poo, you are STILL charming and cute, at least on the internet! (there is absolutely no way I could start my day at 4:45am and still function as a human being!!)

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