What We’re Reading

Rescuing Wayward Children by Larry Barkdull was shown to me when I visited Beehive Books last week. I didn’t think the book related to me as my children are still developing their own spiritual conscience. Upon reading the first few pages, I have quickly found this book difficult to put down.

The book really isn’t about wayward children. It has more to do with us as individuals. It teaches how each of us should become more sanctified to be used by the Lord in helping loved ones who may be struggling with their testimonies. It is a guide of an encouragement, urging us to work on our own salvation and trust in our Heavenly Father to take care of the wayward children. It isn’t a book to help ‘fix’ anyone…but a book on how the reader can be a better parent and individual.

Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites by Chris Heimerdinger is the first book in a series. My eleven year old son started reading this book last week and hasn’t stopped talking about it.

From DeseretBook.com

“Jim Hawkins has a bad attitude. What’s more, he enjoys having a bad attitude about everything — especially about church.

Garth Plimpton is a fanatic. He’s spent so much time studying the scriptures and thick books on archeology that he can’t carry on a normal conversation with other kids. That’s why they consider him a nerd.

Through an unusual chain of events, these two opposites become fast friends. It all began when Garth told Jim a simple truth:

“They really existed, you know.”

“Who?” Jim asked.

“Nephites,” Garth replied. “Every character in the Book of Mormon ate, slept, died, was buried . . .”

That statement, taken for granted before, would soon echo deeply in the two boys’ minds — because they were on the trail of a chilling secret. At the root of this secret was a faded Indian legend that old men told children to make their eyes grow big. As Garth and Jim put the pieces of the puzzle together, they accidentally stumble upon a mysterious passageway hurling them into another world — an ancient American world.

Join Jim, Garth, and Jim’s pesky little sister, Jennifer, as they journey in a land where the names Helaman, Teancum, and Captain Moroni are more than just words on a page. A world where danger and suspense are a way of life. . .”

What books are you and your family reading? Leave a comment below and share your book choices!


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