Witnessing Without a Word

I like to use the phrase: “Witness without a Word” when it comes to sharing the Gospel with friends and my husband. No one likes a ‘Know it All’. I  find myself being offended when people want to be my friend only in their pursuit to convert me. I know many people like this from many different religions. This is not what Christ teaches us. There’s no ‘Conversion Quota” in Heaven with Jesus keeping a tally.

I don’t like the idea of trying to convert someone for my own glory and benefit. I believe we should share the Gospel with people, but ultimately their heart condition  and their relationship with God is personal. It should be respected. The Gospel is a gift and whilst we shouldn’t keep it to ourselves, we also shouldn’t bang it down on people’s heads.

Sharing the Gospel with just one person brings an amazing amount of joy, especially when it is being received. In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus sent the disciples to teach all nations. Everyone deserved a chance to hear the Gospel. No one should be denied the choice.

Being a Missionary isn’t always easy. Sometimes we even have to give up the comforts of home to share the Gospel. In the LDS Church, young men of the age of 19 are able to leave their home and teach the Gospel in another country or state for two years. (Women must be 21) The sons of Mosiah gave up kingship and security to go on their mission to the Lamanites. Sharing the Gospel wasn’t lollipops and jelly beans for them. They endured persecution and suffering. They were spat on and mocked, stoned and thrown into prison. Yet, they prevailed. They knew within their hearts that all they needed to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord was to have His Spirit. They felt if only one soul was touched and accepted the Gospel then what they were going through was worth it.

I struggle with the fine line of ‘Nagging the Gospel” and “Sharing the Gospel” with others. It’s exciting to be a new Christian and we want to shout it off the rooftops! How wonderful is it to have this amazing gift! Yet, we need to be respectful and keep His Spirit with us. Let us not be so haughty that we are only sharing the Gospel to glorify ourselves.

Witnessing without a word is not being a coward. It’s showing others your testimony not with words…but with actions. It isn’t  a fifteen minute conversation with how knowledgeable you are…but it is how you live each day…everyday. You can be the best missionary by being an example…with humility, charity, love and an undying faith in God.

Someone may even one day see how happy and content  you are and may ask:  “Hey, what’s your secret?”


3 thoughts on “Witnessing Without a Word

  1. Hey

    I served a mission when I was 19. One thing I strongly disagreed with then – and still do – is the “goal setting” that the church encourages. The idea being that a missionary should say “this week, we are going to teach 10 people… and by the end of the month, baptise 2!”. My view is, we teach who is ready… whether that be 10, 1 or no-one.

    The same occurs in the church. Sometimes they say, “we want the members to bring 5 names for the missionaries…” and so people frantically harass their friends. Again, in my opinion, that’s the wrong way to do it.

    Teach by example. Let them know who you are, but don’t push them or ‘preach’ to them. Be aware that ‘by small things are great things brought to pass’. Just plant the seeds.. and over time they will grow.

    God will help us share the gospel.. but we ought to do it as you say – with respect. Patience will help with this! By biding our time, being an example, planting those seeds… we will do a much better job over time than rushing around “nagging”… as you describe it.

  2. I personally think and know many others who do as well that its kinda irritating to have mormons or JW show up at your doorstep all the time. I dont believe that is the way they should go about it. When I am sitting in my pajamas with my kids running around and my house is a mess the last thing I want to do is have someone unexpected show up at my door and hand me a little book and then start asking me about my religion. Then if I say oh thanks and try to be nice they want to keep talking and some do not get the hint very easily. And when I say thanks but I am really not interested I do not believe in what you believe I am a non denomination Christian they look at me like I am the one being rude to them and turn around and walk away. I am thinking wait a minute you showed up at my doorstep wanting to convert me or get me to believe in your religion and because I dont you are not happy with me. I just dont get it, never will. So last time they did this. As soon as they stepped foot on my pourch I asked them what religion are you, they said of course, and before they could say another word I said thanks for your time but I do not agree with some aspects of your religion this is why, I listed out some of my reasons and then I said have a good day! They said ok turned out and left. So I guess thats the trick. LOL! Now I dont have anything agianst Mormons or JW at all, I have friends who I love who are. Just the whole house to house thing irks me some! 🙂

  3. Whilst I agree it can be deemed irritating to the individuals who don’t want it, it is unfortunately a necessary method of spreading the gospel. This is a directive given by Christ himself.

    Knocking on doors is very unsuccessful. I’ve spent many hours doing it myself, and normallly speaking, either the door is not opened, or the person who opens it shuts it pretty quickly again! That said, it is still effective – and more effective, than doing nothing at all. How else can we share the message of the gospel? Advertisements? Newspapers? Posters? They just don’t cut it. You’d be surprised how many people join the church through missionaries knocking on their door… and how many of these people hadn’t heard about the church. I know! – you’d think everyone had heard and was so fed up of us by now.

    On the issue of the missionaries themselves, they should always be polite, respectful and non threatening. I say “should”, but I know they’re not always that way. Each missionary is an individual, and sometimes they do things inappropriately. It is not intended to be that way, however to a large extent, there is little that can be done to prevent it.

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