Smothering the Spirit

A few weeks ago, I was studying the different books in the New Testament. In the book of Corinthians, Chapter 14, verse 10, Paul says:
“There are many kinds of voices in the world that compete with the voice of the Spirit.” At the time, it read just like any other verse and I chalked it into my memory bank of scriptures I’ve read and thought nothing of it.

This morning, I was fiddling with the car radio and turned it to the Hip Hop station. (Yes, I like Hip Hop. Don’t judge me.) When a rap song came on, I turned it up ready to get my jam on when that scripture came forth to my mind.

You got to be kidding, I thought. Seriously?

I sighed. Not happy. I turned the radio off and I waited.


The Heavens did not open with glorious light. I did not hear the Voice of God telling me how awesome I am for obeying Him.

I shrugged and went to turn the radio on when again that scripture came to my mind in not a whisper…but a stern warning.

I turned the station to K LOVE and playing was the song: Light In Me by Brandon Heath.

As I listened to the song, I thought about how often we are bombarded with noise that takes away from listening to the Spirit. The light in all of our hearts are dimmed when the voice of The Spirit is smothered.

Murmuring voices with perceived injustices fill our ears…

The voices of whiners (including ourselves) cover our hearts…

The voices of seduction comes across on television and movies blind our eyes…

The voices of rebellion in our music and in our own speech sweep over our bodies…

These are the voices which smothers the voice of The Spirit.

I have found myself desiring ‘worldly’ things and finding reasons not to make time for Spiritual truths. I am guilty of developing a huge chip on my shoulder and think unbecoming things about people because they’ve hurt my feelings or angered me in some way. I have allowed the voices above to smother the voice of The Spirit. I’ve been haughty instead of humbled. I’ve been irritated instead of joyous. I’ve been rude instead of polite.

Today, as I drove around with the music from a Christian radio station softly playing, I realized how many times I have deprived myself from hearing the voice of The Spirit because of my attitude.

Isaiah tells us: “And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance forever. ~Isaiah 32:17

I want to ask you…how do you keep the voice of the Spirit from being smothered?


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